Tips for a Healthy 4th of July

The 4th of July is a fun holiday shared with friends, family and, of course food, booze and fireworks.

But, you can still have fun without sacrificing your health and fitness goals and sabotaging good habits.

While there will be a lot of tempting food and beverages – you don’t have to chose the beaten path…this holiday can either derail you or keep you moving closer to your goals.

Here are a few tips that will help keep you on track, swap out bad for the good, and overcome temptations.

First, your mindset is critical as we head into the holiday weekend…you will become stronger if you can make it through the weekend without caving to the sugar loaded drinks and greasy foods.

I promise.

First, make a commitment to yourself before the weekend begins and come up with a plan… review your goals, think about what is important… think about those shorts you’re looking forward to fitting into or the swimsuit you will be wearing ?

Give yourself a...

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How to Measure Success OTHER Than The Scale


Does the scale show roughly the same number every morning, no matter how much you exercise and how good you eat? Don't get frustrated. Remember that the number on the scale isn't the only way to measure weight loss/body recomposition success. 

In the words of Dr. Arya Sharma, "Health is not measured in pounds."

I tell my clients all the time, that the number on the scale doesn't tell the whole story. You can lose weight in unhealthy ways or you can start healthy habits and not always see a change in weight. Plus, there are other factors to consider such as muscle mass, bone structure, water, and bowel movements. All of these can affect your weight.

Yet, so many people get caught up with the number on the scale, and it causes them to miss so many other benefits and “victories” they are achieving. These are known as non-scale victories, or successes in your fitness and nutrition journey that cannot be measured on the scale.

While seeing the number on the scale...

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Why Counting Macros Doesn't Mean You Can Eat What You Want

Let me first off say that counting macros is NOT for everyone.  It can become an obsessive habit and it can be a time-consuming habit if you’re not willing to eat a bit more “plain” and “basic” – but it can be very effective! 

I’ve seen a helpful metaphor before that compares tracking food to budgeting.  Refusing to track your food in SOME way and expecting big results by making ‘smart choices’ is kind of like refusing to budget and expecting to save money by being ‘money conscious’.  Can it work? Sure it can, but why leave it to chance if you’re making the effort anyways.  

If left unplanned, you’ll almost always eat (and spend) more than you realize.  I can very confidently back up both of these claims from personal experiences. How else do you learn!? 

With that being said, have I seen clients track their macros almost perfectly and still not see a ton of...

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What To Do When You Fall Off The Bandwagon

Have you completely derailed and fallen off the wagon? You’re not the first or the last, so don’t beat yourself up! It happens to everyone at times, but how you bounce back and recover is what is important! You can refocus and get back on track with these tips!

Perhaps you’ve started your journey and you have been successful…things are going smooth and you’ve seen some good progress. But, the summer parties are in full effect and you’re afraid you might slip. You’re not alone. Even the best of the best slip up sometimes. However, don’t let the slip turn into a slide as it is a slippery slope. 

What do you do? What happens when you overeat and how do you get back on track?!?


Here are 6 steps you can practice when these situations arise.

1)  Stop the bleeding, AKA stop the eating!

Often times, we let one meal turn into 'screw it, I've already messed up, I might as well just eat whatever I want the whole day'.  This...

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6 Tips to Handle Peer Pressure Around Food

Dieting and trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle is hard enough without somebody being a jerk about it.  Have you ever been trying to make healthier decisions for yourself and heard things like this from your ‘friends’ and family?


“Are you too healthy for us?”

“Calories don’t count on the weekend!”

“One meal won’t kill you.”

“Come on, live a little!” 


Think about it in the opposite direction.  What if someone you were with ordered a bacon cheeseburger and loaded cheese fries with an extra-large Coke and you said something like:


“Oh my gosh that’s like a THOUSAND calories!”

“Would it kill you to eat something healthy for once?”

“That is going to go straight to your (insert body part here)?”


No…everyone would openly dislike you.  So why is it okay for people to comment on your HEALTHY decisions when you are trying to...

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Why You Do NOT Need to "Earn" Your Holiday Meals

This is a hard mindset to break, and one that I struggled with for a long time, and honestly, still can struggle with on occasion.  Especially as the holidays are approaching and we will most likely enjoy a few more 'indulgences' than usual - please repeat after me: 

I do not need to earn my food with exercise.  And I do not need to exercise to 'make up for' what I ate.  

Say it 3 more times.  Heck, say it 1000 more times until you believe it!  

Regardless of what the unqualified Instagram Influencer says about how many burpees you need to do in order to 'earn' the stuffing at Thanksgiving, you do not need to do burpees to eat stuffing and enjoy it.  Or any food on, any day for that matter. 

Seriously - IG Influencers are ruining nutrition with their diet scams and false statements.  

Our body has basic daily caloric needs, and lots of them!  Your brain needs to function, your heart needs to pump blood, your...

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Football Survival Guide

Fall is here...even though it’s currently 91 degrees in Chicago… it is officially football season! Some people, enjoy camping or day trips to go apple picking but for many, it means one thing: football. And whether your team wins or loses, the den parties with your buddies, sports bars with their drink specials, and parking lot tailgates before games are there to support you. 

Unfortunately, what starts out as a cheat-day indulgence quickly becomes a slippery slope. Don’t let ‘Sunday Funday’ derail you completely and trickle into your week...if you know that you’re going to spend Sundays in front of the TV or attending parties, strategize your meal prep and be smart about your choices so you don’t wind up completely off the bandwagon week over week. Between the NFL and college seasons, you’re looking at five months of football with up to six days per week of games. But get this—you CAN party hard without totally...

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What the CrossFit Games Taught Me About My Body

fitness mindset Jul 25, 2019

I attended the CrossFit Games for the first time this past weekend.  I was there as a spectator and helper to Lifestyle Nutrition Athletes - Team OC3Black all weekend.   I had SO much fun hanging with my OCF Family!

When you watch the CrossFit Games, all of the athletes are amazing physical specimens. Even the masters in the 40+ y/o categories are shredded. 


(Winner of Women’s 45-49 age group)

Some people probably don’t even pay attention to the amazing feats they are performing because you are distracted by these (seemingly common) bodies made up of abs, lean jacked shoulders, big muscular legs, shapely booties, etc. 

Even a lot of the spectators looked like this!! Here’s the thing though, as common as this body-type seems at the CrossFit Games, it’s not. I know that CrossFit does not do this intentionally, but the Games and these athletes make it seem that this can be attainable to anyone that attends a CrossFit class a few...

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