Case Study: Debbie C.

case study lifestyle Feb 04, 2020

Debbie worked with Coach Christina from March to September 2019. During that time, although she did not lose a ton of scale-weight, her body composition changed dramatically, and she improved her relationship with both food and her own body image. 

We started with actually UPPING her caloric intake, as MyFitnessPal had suggested a number that was far too low for her, around 1300 calories. So we started out by actually having her eat MORE, and work on eating more nutrient-dense foods. Specifically, we focused on getting protein and veggies into meals and snacks throughout her day. We also cut out afternoon coffees to help make her sleep more restful. 

Because she is quite busy between work, the gym, and social events, we got creative with her food. We figured out some minimal meal prep options for home and work (Trader Joe's for the win!) so she wasn't having to spend an overwhelming amount of the time in the kitchen, or eating the same things over and over again. As with...

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