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Pre and Post Workout Tips for the CF Open

It is the CrossFit Games Open and for many of you, this might be the only ‘CrossFit competition’ you take part in all year – which means one things…nerves.  You are anxious, nervous, excited, ready to poop your pants, all of the above! 

And for those of us that are seasoned competitors, I bet you still get a lot of these feelings when that Open workout gets announced and you think about the pain cave you are about to enter and the strategy you will put into place. 

There is one major thing we CAN control around the Open and that is how we fuel ourselves for our performance come game day.  Unfortunately, what you eat an hour or two prior to that workout is just part of the equation.  Pre-workout should be considered for 24-48 hours prior to that workout.  Here are some things to start thinking about:


2 Days Out –

  • Be careful how much fiber (aka mainly vegetables) you’re taking in.  They are...
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Should Your Diet Change Around the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is upon us!! And although it may be VERY different this year given that only the top individuals in the WORLD will be qualifying for the CF Games, many of us still put a lot of weight on the Open and it is a time of high stress! 

So you may be wondering some things:

Should I be changing my nutrition at all leading up the Open?

What should I be doing the day before the workout?

I usually workout in the evening, but now I’m doing the Open at 10 am – what should I do?!?

First of all, take a deep breath!  Then CF Open is meant to be FUN.  It is a time to get together with your community, compete against YOURSELF (no one else), and see what you’re made of.  Like I said, unless you are the top of the top in the world – the Open should not be THAT stressful. 

So some things to think about when focusing on your nutrition during the Open –

Will you be training less than normal? 

A lot of times, the week leading up...

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What the CrossFit Games Taught Me About My Body

fitness mindset Jul 25, 2019

I attended the CrossFit Games for the first time this past weekend.  I was there as a spectator and helper to Lifestyle Nutrition Athletes - Team OC3Black all weekend.   I had SO much fun hanging with my OCF Family!

When you watch the CrossFit Games, all of the athletes are amazing physical specimens. Even the masters in the 40+ y/o categories are shredded. 


(Winner of Women’s 45-49 age group)

Some people probably don’t even pay attention to the amazing feats they are performing because you are distracted by these (seemingly common) bodies made up of abs, lean jacked shoulders, big muscular legs, shapely booties, etc. 

Even a lot of the spectators looked like this!! Here’s the thing though, as common as this body-type seems at the CrossFit Games, it’s not. I know that CrossFit does not do this intentionally, but the Games and these athletes make it seem that this can be attainable to anyone that attends a CrossFit class a few...

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Tips for a Healthy 4th of July

The 4th of July is a fun holiday shared with friends, family and, of course food, booze and fireworks.

But, you can still have fun without sacrificing your health and fitness goals and sabotaging good habits.

While there will be a lot of tempting food and beverages – you don’t have to chose the beaten path…this holiday can either derail you or keep you moving closer to your goals.

Here are a few tips that will help keep you on track, swap out bad for the good, and overcome temptations.

First, your mindset is critical as we head into the holiday weekend…you will become stronger if you can make it through the weekend without caving to the sugar loaded drinks and greasy foods.

I promise.

First, make a commitment to yourself before the weekend begins and come up with a plan… review your goals, think about what is important… think about those shorts you’re looking forward to fitting into or the swimsuit you will be wearing ?

Give yourself a...

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How to Find the Sweet Spot in a Calorie Deficit

nutritional education Apr 19, 2019

The foundation of all effective weight loss programs is to eat fewer calories than you burn (regardless of whether it’s keto, low-carb, low fat, IF, paleo). But the solution to your weight loss goal is not as simple as eating as little as possible; if you eat TOO low under what your body is burning each day, not only will you be miserable from hunger and lack of energy, but you’ll also be encouraging your body to harvest muscle instead of fat to fuel itself, screw up your hormones, and oftentimes that results in your body going into survival-mode and storing anything you do give it around your middle because it doesn’t know when you’ll fuel it next. So too much of a deficit can create problems for us, hormonally and otherwise (more on this below!)

The optimal calorie deficit is large enough to stimulate steady fat loss, but not so large that you’re always hungry and lethargic. Avoiding a calorie deficit that is too large is even more important for...

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