Labor Day Recipe Round Up

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2019

We scoured the internet for some of our favorite summer recipes!  So if you’re responsible for an appetizer, salad, dessert, or if you’re throwing the whole shindig this Labor Day - we’ll help you get ready! 


These recipes are not only delicious, they are SIMPLE (we don’t like long lists of ingredients or lots of effort) and they’re pretty healthy too :) 


Appetizer - Shrimp Salsa w/ Baked Chips 

This is a protein packed, low-fat, and super easy recipe!  We recommend Beanitos chips or a baked plain pita chip. You can find the recipe from Skinnytaste HERE with macro-counts included!


Side Dish - Kale Summer Salad

This kale salad is LOADED with nutrients.  Fruit, nuts, kale, and a light dressing to top it off!  We recommend omitting the dried fruit and keeping the nuts to a minimum to save some calories.  You can find the recipe from the Balanced Berry HERE.


Main Dish - Sweet and Spicy BBQ Bacon Hawaiin Turkey Burgers

WHEW - that is a mouthful, but they are worth it!  You want a turkey burger that isn’t dry, then look no further!  They even have a little kick to them. Pair them with a gluten free bun or a lettuce wrap to keep it low-carb.  You can find the recipe from Ambitious Kitchen HERE.


Dessert - Mini Individual Peanut Butter Cheesecakes 

A big problem with dessert is taking a piece and eating the whole thing, am I right?? Well, we made it easy by finding a recipe that just makes the pieces smaller.  Self-control solved! You can find the super easy recipe from Healthy Food for Living HERE.  



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